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One of the reasons I’m loving Coetail is that everything that I learn and blog about for the course, I’m bringing back to my students and sharing with them. This week’s readings were of particular interest to me as I continue to hash out my blogging unit with my 10th graders. So far, we’ve watched a rap video, shared with me by my amazing coworker Lindsay, titled “Oversharing: Think Before You Post”. The students loved it (thought it was hilarious & corny) and it taught them a few valuable tips, namely that being a member of the online community brings with it a variety of responsibilities.

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We’ve also started to explore what it means to cite our digital sources, and they are slowly (and a bit begrudgingly, I must admit) learning to give credit for all externally sourced multimedia that they include in their posts. I’ve shared the information from Jeff Utecht’s instructional Vimeo on embedding images with my students, so now they know to go to Compfight to get all of their images.

In the upcoming weeks, we’re going to look more closely at issues of copyright and what it means to “consume media critically and, ideally, to produce it” as Greg Toppo mentioned in his USA Today article on digital literacy. I love the idea of encouraging our students to move beyond “hanging out” online and getting to the “geeking out” stage of participation.

As for the conversation on copyright laws and regulations…Living in Saudi Arabia, our access to the internet is already limited – the government bans quite a large amount – and students often complain that the only way to access certain content is through illegal means. We’ll start the conversation by watching another Common Sense video about Copyright and Fair Use and discuss how we can find ways that are ethical and legal to access content within the confines of our host country. We’ll also have a Skype session with my sister-in-law who happens to work for the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) Piracy Department. She’s all over those Copyright issues! Stay tuned for a report on that conversation!

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